About Us

About Kimleigh Chemicals SA (Pty) Ltd

Kimleigh Chemicals SA is situated in Potchefstroom (central South Africa). The factory, laboratory and warehouses are housed in modern facilities and forms a central distribution point for our products.

Since founded in 1990, Kimleigh has been operating for 31 years, capitalising on our ability to produce and market competitive products for local and international supply.

Kimleigh Chemicals SA is one of the largest manufacturers of copper based chemicals in South Africa. We are an active member of the Copper Development Association.

We concentrate on supplying only the best quality products and providing superior customer service.  Our Quality Management System has been awarded with:

accreditations and, together with integrity and efficiency, form the foundation from where our business operates and develops. Our laboratory is also an accredited member of AgriLASA.

Our involvement in the local community includes supporting the Potch-Tlokwe Chamber of Commerce and encouraging research and development projects with the North West University.

The industries we operate in, include:

We have strong ties with our mining and animal feed customers and we are proud to be their local manufacturer of choice.

During the last decade we have embraced the growth and challenges in the agricultural market and Kimleigh has emerged as the first local manufacturer of nano engineered micronutrients for crop nutrition. Our products are registered with Act 36 of 1947.

We have also recently received our registrations for the first Group 2 product range consisting of liquid coatings for dry, granular fertilizers (MENTRIX® Cote).

As part of our dedication to contribute to feeding an exploding world population, we are regular attendees and exhibitors at agricultural events: Argus FMB Africa Fertilizer 2017, Argus Added Value Fertilizers Africa 2018, CRU Africa Fertilizer Agribusiness Conference 2019 and Argus Africa Fertilizer Conference 2020.

Kimleigh has combined innovative chemistry with innovative technology and is proud to offer the South African agricultural stakeholder a mobile coating plant for individual crop nutrition requirements. Please visit www.ambidex.co.za for more information.

Our strength lies in our modern technologies, advanced equipment, staff and manufacturing experience.

Kimleigh Chemicals SA will become the best in its class. We will achieve this goal through dedicated staff, committed research and development, increased productivity, passionate marketing and compliance to SHEQ standards.

Our mission is:

  1. To develop environmentally acceptable products and related services that address market needs through innovative chemistry.
  2. In striving for excellence, we will be the preferred formulator, manufacturer and distributor to our customers.
  3. We commit ourselves to sustain stakeholder value in our organisation.

Our vision is:

Our vision “dream with a plan” is clear in our commitment to innovative chemistry.

Core Values:

H – honesty
E – excellence
A – accountability
R – respect
T – teamwork