Argus FMB Africa Fertilizer 2017

Improving Access and Increasing Consumption of Fertilizer and Building Meaningful Supply Chain Partnerships in Africa

The 8th annual Argus FMB Africa Fertilizer conference takes place in Cape Town on 15-17 February – bringing the leading meeting place for the African supply chain to one of Africa’s most beautiful cities.

Over 500 participants from 63 countries of which 23 are African have registered to attend the Cape Town conference – if you want to join them – register online here. At Argus FMB Africa Fertilizer 2017 you will join a cross-section of stakeholders including government leaders, finance providers, NGOs, regional distributors and global producers.

Organised with the support of the International Fertilizer Association (IFA), IFDC, AFAP, FEPSAN and FERTASA, this is an unrivalled networking forum – the only place to be if you want to build your business across Africa.

Over 500 delegates from 63 countries have already registered for the conference! Register today to join the biggest fertilizer conference in Africa.


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