Africa’s biggest fertilizer trade event!

The 11th annual Argus Africa Fertilizer conference will take place from 19 – 21 February 2020 in Cape Town, South Africa. The conference brings together 400+ attendees representing 150 companies from across the fertilizer supply chain.

As the leading and biggest fertilizer conference in the region, this is the only place to find all the regional contacts and market insight you need to build your presence in the dynamic and growing fertilizer market in Africa.

Whether you are involved in the supply, trade or distribution of fertilizers in Africa, you will meet valuable new partners and customers from across the sector at this event.

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Discover Argus Africa Fertilizer 2020
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Africa Fertilizer Agribusiness Conference

Africa Fertilizer Agribusiness Conference 2019

Argus Added Value Fertilizers

Argus Added Value Fertilizers Africa 2018 Event

Discover the agronomic benefits and market potential for specialty and enhanced efficiency fertilizers and other value add products

Argus Added Value Fertilizers Africa 2018, taking place on 18 – 20 September in Cape Town, South Africa, is the latest conference in the global series of added value fertilizer events recently held in Europe, the US and Asia.

Enhanced efficiency and specialty fertilizers and other added value products have the potential to drastically improve crop quality and yields across sub-Saharan Africa. By offering tailored solutions, minimising the environmental impact and delivering better ROI for farmers, this sector is set to grow year-on-year.

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Kimleigh Climate Change Mitigation

Copper is at the core of the climate change battle.

The importance of copper’s role in decarbonisation cannot be overstated. Some four million tonnes of copper are produced, recycled or converted into value-added products across Europe each year. Of course these activities require energy. However, they also provide the building blocks on which to base industrialised economic recovery and the new technologies a low-carbon economy needs.

The European copper industry has developed strategies that trigger and support substantial carbon reductions in the downstream industrial, residential and service sectors.

By 2020, these strategies could deliver 130 million tonnes of CO2 savings per year.

This amount would grow steadily, and by 2050, total EU CO2 emissions could be reduced by 25% — more than 1,100 million tonnes per year — relative to 2011 levels.

The European copper industry has also developed and is advancing strategies to reduce its own carbon footprint. Through significant capital investments, the copper producing industry has successfully reduced its CO2 emissions by cutting its unit energy consumption by 60% versus 1990. Copper producers are united in their dedication to continuing this effort and will report on their progress.

For more information, download the report “Copper’s contribution to a low-carbon future – A plan to decarbonise Europe by 25 percent”.

Globally, similar investments in copper-based strategies could reduce the world’s carbon footprint by 16% by 2030. This means a 5.7 billion tonne reduction in CO2 and a savings of $860 in energy costs each year.


Kimleigh Argus FMB Africa Fertilizer 2017

Argus FMB Africa Fertilizer 2017

Improving Access and Increasing Consumption of Fertilizer and Building Meaningful Supply Chain Partnerships in Africa

The 8th annual Argus FMB Africa Fertilizer conference takes place in Cape Town on 15-17 February – bringing the leading meeting place for the African supply chain to one of Africa’s most beautiful cities.

Over 500 participants from 63 countries of which 23 are African have registered to attend the Cape Town conference – if you want to join them – register online here. At Argus FMB Africa Fertilizer 2017 you will join a cross-section of stakeholders including government leaders, finance providers, NGOs, regional distributors and global producers.

Organised with the support of the International Fertilizer Association (IFA), IFDC, AFAP, FEPSAN and FERTASA, this is an unrivalled networking forum – the only place to be if you want to build your business across Africa.

Over 500 delegates from 63 countries have already registered for the conference! Register today to join the biggest fertilizer conference in Africa.


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