Fertion Microton

Fertion Microton
Liquid combination of micronutrients

Product and Description

Act 36/1947


Microton MBZ

This product is organically complexed and completely water soluble for rapid and effective foliar or root uptake by the plant.

Crop Nutrition

47.2 g/litre Manganese as Mn
3.94 g/litre Boron as B
47.2 g/litre Zinc as Zn


Field test results spanning over two planting seasons (maize and soya) and overseen by an independent professional scientist, have indicated compatibility if this micronutrient additive is administered simultaneously with glyphosate when sprayed on crops as a herbicide. (This product has not been registered as an agricultural remedy per definition.)

Microton BMo

Micronutrient liquid fertilizer for foliar application.

Crop Nutrition

60 g/litre Boron as B
6 g/litre Molybdenum as Mo